shiny, happy content

What’s in a name?

ContentEdUsers is a play on words.

  • Content, noun: words, pictures, posts, metadata
  • Content, adjective: satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more
  • Contented, adjective: the state or feeling of being content
  • Ed: editor
  • Ed: education
  • Users: you and me

Which means I may be someone who:

  1. makes users happy and content
  2. works as a content editor
  3. works in education (or used to)
  4. all of the above

As it happens, it’s all of the above.

My name, Kate Thomas, is by no means unique, and I can rarely/never claim social media handles, domain names, email addresses etc using it.

Which leaves me brainstorming and word playing until I find something that fits.

I hope it works for you.  After all, I only want you to be happy 🙂


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